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Patient Review Instrument (PRI)

The Patient Review Instrument (PRI) is an assessment tool developed by the New York State Department of Health to assess selected physical, medical, and cognitive characteristics of all potential nursing home residents, as well as to document selected services they may receive.

Inspire Care of Central New York has Certified PRI/SCREEN Registered Nurses who can perform the assessment needed to complete the PRI and SCREEN (the component used to determine the patient’s ability to return to the community or qualify for long term placement).  The PRI and SCREEN are valid for 90 days as long as the client’s health status has not changed due to hospitalization. Plan on approximately 90 minutes to complete the PRI (in the convenience of your own home or facility) and for our professional to provide education to the client and their family about the results from the assessment. You will always know the next steps to be taken. Services include:

  • Contact with the client’s physician to secure necessary health information
  • Timely arrangement (within two business days) of the PRI screening date and location once all forms and health information are received.
  • PRI and SCREEN results faxed to the preferred Long-Term Care Facilities (within five business days)
  • Secure storage of results during the 90 day valid period.
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Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) Assistance

If you or your loved one has a current Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) policy and begins to require an increased level of care, it’s important to have an experienced expert assist in not only filing a claim but helping you understand the benefits you are entitled to receive. Inspire Care of Central New York can provide this expert help and clarify the specifics of your policy coverage.

We make sure you have the documentation required from your medical providers and home care agencies (if involved) so that approval of your eligibility is assured. Having a trusted navigator allows you to begin a benefit period so that your valuable policy is used and not forgotten. You gain peace of mind with reimbursement assistance for your care needs.

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Fiduciary Care Assistance

Inspire Care of Central New York can assist clients and their families in the area of daily financial support, providing the peace of mind that their day to day financial management is handled by a professional.  Prior written approval for Inspire Care of Central New York involvement is required by the client or family member. Assistance may include:

  • Open and organize mail
  • Assistance in mailing
  • Storage and delivery of important papers and personal information
  • Assistance in paying bills
  • Simple bookkeeping activities
  • Coordination of requested needs from a Tax Preparer, Financial Advisor, or Attorney
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Medicaid Eligibility Assistance

Inspire Care of Central New York provides expert assistance in assessing a client’s eligibility for Medicaid. We will assist clients and their family members through the Medicaid application process by answering questions or preparing the application on behalf of the client. Assistance may include:

  • Preparation of the Medicaid application
  • Medicaid preplanning recommendations
  • Alternatives to nursing homes
  • Assistance with managed Long Term Care decisions
  • Referral to an elder law attorney if necessary
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