LifePlan By Inspire Care

LifePlan By Inspire Care is a comprehensive record keeping and planning tool for gathering and storing important personal information and papers in one organized location. A series of easy to use modules have been developed for convenient compiling, editing, and accessing of information:

  • LifePlan Goals and Team
  • Personal and Safekeeping Information
  • Legal, Financial, and Medical Information
  • Medical and Personal Insurance
  • Housing and Property Information
  • Business and Other Holdings
  • Military Service Information
  • End of Life Wishes

The success of the LifePlan By Inspire Care is based on three three key components:

  1. Professional one-on-one guidance to answer questions and walk you through the necessary steps to ensure completion. Contact every few weeks has been shown to move the process forward but at a timetable set by you. We can partner with your financial advisor, attorney and physician if necessary.
  2. All modules are combined into a personalized LifePlan Guide for convenient reference and ease in filling out. An electronic pdf version is also available.
  3. Helpful Aging Well information each month adds knowledge and wisdom for making future decisions.

Let us help you to locate, organize, and consolidate important papers BEFORE a life situation becomes a crisis.