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We, Touching Hearts at Home, work with Inspire Care frequently. We receive client referrals and work closely with them to give the client the best care. Inspire Care staff are available, helpful, and compassionate. They continue to grow and add services. Touching Hearts is grateful to work with them
Becky and her team are amazing. Marybeth is the most wonderful and compassionate caregiver, her weekly visits with our Mother were truly inspiring and gave us such peace of mind.
I work for NBT Bank and Becky has worked with one of our clients for many years now. Her and her team go above and beyond the call of duty everyday to help her clients achieve the best quality of life possible. From coordinating doctor appointments, cleaning and repair services, making emergency visits, and assisting with many various tasks that have come up in the past several years. The team members truly take an interest in their clients lives and build a true relationship with them which makes such a positive impact. The exemplary and dependable service Inspire Care provides has greatly improved the quality of life of our mutual client and I'm sure of many others as well.The opinions and advice offered within this account are my own and do not reflect that of my employer NBT Bancorp or any of its primary business units.
Completing the Life Plan by Inspire Care has given me and my spouse peace of mind. The content is well organized and thorough. They've thought of everything! There is even the option of completing the Life Plan in a digital version. The "Plan" is divided up into user friendly and manageable sections including financial, medical, legal information and "end of life wishes." We now have all of our important information in one place. We also appreciated the in-person meetings (via zoom) that provided opportunities to share our progress, ask questions and receive lots of positive encouragement. Now completed, it will be easy to review and update. We highly recommend this program!!
Becky and her company was an answer to prayer for me and my family. My father and father-in-law both ended up in assisted living before they died.Becky not only helped us find the correct facilty but she helped our extended family and both Dads navigate some very difficult transitions.I would recommend her company to anyone who is caring for a senior. There is a lot to learn ,alot of trials and a lot of emotion during this stage of life-You don't have to do it alone!
I recently had to go through the incredible difficulty of sorting out my aging Mother's complicated financial picture as her power of attorney. I decided then, that I also had to find a much better solution for organizing the complexities of my own life plan. I needed to do this not only for my wife, if she survived me, but for our children in the event of our passing together. We were blessed to come upon the "Life Plan" program by Inspire Care of Central New York. The plan book and online program offered us the perfect solution for our situation. We completed the plan together and now feel extremely comfortable that we have all the pieces of our finances and life wishes in place. This program is a must have for anyone interested in finding simple, organizational solutions for their life plan!
My name is Matthew Steenberg. My family had the opportunity to acquire Inspire Care of CNY to coordinate all of our father's medical needs! Reflecting back over the course of time with our dad, and the relationship he/we had with the company, it was priceless! The personal care for our father was incredible! Visitations by the Therapists, by Rebecca, were always valued and productive. The advice for addtional support and followup discussions regarding our dads care were exemplary! And,I might add that Inspire Care was always available 24/7 for any questions or emergencies that needed attention! The company also worked extremely hard to establish relationships with all of the persons who would be with our father during his daylight and nighttime hours. Custodial staff, nurses, facility directors, anyone associated with our dad's care were connected. Inspire Care created a team around our dad. The experience was very impressive! Additionally, the mentoring that they offer the caregivers was very insightful and so comforting. Inspire Care not only cared for our father, but also very importantly cared for us! Care for all in the world of meeting the needs of our aging lov ed ones! In perspective, we don't know what we would have done without the professional loving care they provided to all of us in the family. It is without hesitation that we highly recommend Inspire Care of CNY to anyone or family that is seeking five star management and expertise in the care of their loved ones!
Becky and Inspire care has been an absolute blessing with our Mother who is suffering from dementia. Not only the in home care provided but the guidance given helped us to navigate the process to move her to into a long term care facility where she is now thriving. We absolutely could not have done this without the care, help, and guidance from Inspire.
Provided an immediate, and long term, in-home care solution for our beloved relative—and eventually spearheaded the skilled nursing facility admission process. Provided highly professional and compassionate service and advice from start to finish.
Inspire Care was so wonderful to work with in my mother's final years. Becky was with us from the early days when we were looking for someone to share a few meals and leave a few in the fridge for our Mom who lived alone but was showing early signs of dementia, through a broken hip and eventual 24x7 care.Having an experienced team in Inspire Care to help us navigate was SO helpful during stressful times. They helped us find and work with agencies and businesses that we would have struggled to navigate without their experienced guidance.
We have cultivated such a wonderful partnership with Inspire Care. Becky, is extremely thorough with much attention to detail thatperhaps one thought wouldn't matter. The Inspire care Team leads with such professionalism and have such compassion for their clients. We value & embrace the partnership we have created the entire team .
I have known Becky Auyer and Inspire Care for over 10 years. I have recommended her to many friends and families.About 7 years ago, I hired her to help me with my parents. (I recall thinking I was a super hero, and I could do this well all by myself!)Early on, she helped me to navigate both of my parents getting off the road. That was a tremendous hurdle for our family and much needed for everyones safety.She helped us in the house with safety measures, meds, doctor appointments and check ins when I was away on travel.In 2017, my parents moved to senior apartment living. She helped us with that process, as well as helping us with mobility issues that both parents now had.Over the last 5 years, with COVID, my mother suffering numerous falls, rehab, and several hospitalization, Becky and her staff were always a phone call away. Becky, Gwen, Sharon, Deborah and Cheryl, all pitched in with daily treatments, showers, physical therapy, and sometimes taking turns at the hospital. This gave me so much comfort knowing they could help me in so many ways.During the 1st 6 months of 2022, both of my parents died at home with hospice, family, and the Inspire Care team helping us every step of the way.In a lot of ways, these last 12 years was the toughest job I ever had. I don't regret it, but I know I couldn't have done as well as I did without Inspire Care by my side until the end.
Inspire Care of CNY cared for both of my aging parents in the final stages of their lives. Becky and her team were FANTASTIC. We faced many challenges--moving my parents out of their house and into a retirement community, and then confronting various issues as their health failed. I don't know how we would have survived that phase of life without their patient, kind, and knowledgeable support. The support was for my parents, but also for us, their adult children. I wish I could give more than five stars!

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Peace of Mind

Thank you for your helpful guidance and assistance during a very stressful time. My dad, our entire family and myself, appreciate all of your compassionate and caring efforts.     Carol

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Professional Guidance

I will be forever grateful for all you did for my mom and me in the last year of her earthly life. You lightened our load tremendously. Your professional expertise offered so kindly and respectfully, helped me to make important decisions so she could be as comfortable as possible at home. I’m so glad I had you to rely on every step of the way.                    Laurel

Thank you so much for all your consultation and encouragement with decisions that needed to be made in regards to my Dad’s needs and the outcome of the next step in his life. I know God placed you here for us and we are truly blessed from your help.               Ted and Sandy

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Distance Family

When the time came for mom to move out of state, Inspire Care helped us decide which facility to send her to, made terrific recommendations for how to handle the move, referred us to a very skilled flight nurse to accompany our mother on the plane, helped with aspects of the move and even drove our mother and the flight nurse to the airport on a pre-dawn freezing morning. Inspire Care’s expertise and caring spirit enabled our mother to live as independently as she could in her home town for as long as she could.                                         Elaine

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My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease back in 2007, but spent the following several years living in her own home under the watchful care of my father. When even the presence of home aides was insufficient to care for her properly, Inspire Care was invaluable in helping us navigate the Medicaid Application process by explaining confusing information and gathering appropriate documents so that we would be able to pay for the nursing home care she required.                                                                                                                 Linda

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Health Care Facility

It is always a pleasure to work with the team at Inspire Care. They have not only shown how much they care for each of the seniors they work with, but also for the associates at our facility that they encounter. They are caring, responsive and genuine people who show a true passion for what they do.                                            Amanda (Independent Living Facility professional)

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Elder Care Attorney

In my interactions with Inspire Care the staff have been exceptionally professional, responsive and caring. All three are important criteria in helping people who are vulnerable and navigating difficult transitions. Thank you for what you are doing in the community.                                                                                                                       Emilee (Elder Care Attorney)

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