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Aging is a complex process that touches many facets.

Inspire Care of Central New York assists individuals of all ages who are facing health challenges or need help navigating the care network.

An Aging Life Care™ Manager brings knowledge, skills and experience to help you navigate the journey, no matter the challenges you may face.

Inspire Care of Central New York supports the client to optimize independence and quality of life while reducing stress and anxiety for family caregivers.

Give us a call at 315-447-3164 if you are in need of support in any one of these areas:

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For people wishing to age well

Did you ever think you would get to this age? Who knew what it would be like to get older? It’s certainly a different view from here!

In many ways, when we age we are the same as we’ve always been. But also, things change. You are wise to acknowledge that.

Perhaps you are part of a couple and have noticed your partner is beginning to have trouble.

Maybe you fly solo and you are wondering who will care for you if the time comes when you need help.

It could be that you helped your own parents and would like to plan things ahead of time to avoid the stress and burden for your own children.

Want a guide for the journey?
As the Central New York experts in aging well, we can help you avoid common pitfalls. We know the medical system, and we know local programs and service options. We also understand the challenges of aging families! Give us a call at 315-447-3164 to find out more about how we can make the journey of aging easier.

Here are some ways we can help:

  • Create a plan for peace of mind.
    If you have children, they may be anxious about your safety. But in their desire to help, they can sometimes get a little overzealous. Alternatively, you may have a spouse you are worried about, but you aren’t sure how bad things are or aren’t. For that matter, you may have worries about your own situation, now or in the future. Having an objective, experienced professional in the picture eases all concerns. Following an initial assessment and discussion of your resources and preferences, we can provide you with a credible plan for addressing any problems you may have now, or any that may arrive down the line.
  • Advocate for you with doctors.
    The medical system is its own labyrinth. We know it well! Working with you to establish your goals of care, we can be sure that you and your interests are always at the center of the decision-making.
  • Coordinate care.
    There are many different types of support services available. As the local experts in aging well, we can guide you to the best providers for your situation. We can also help to manage multiple different providers to be sure they are in good communication and working together toward the same goals—yours!
  • Provide emotional support.
    As Bette Davis so aptly observed, “Aging ain’t no place for sissies.” There are certainly losses that come with aging. But there are also strengths that emerge. And many creative ways to move through this stage of life with grace, good humor, and increased satisfaction. We can help you keep joy, meaning and quality of life at the forefront of your journey.
  • Ease the burden of common ailments.
    Whether it’s memory problems, managing multiple diseases, or frequent hospitalizations, we’ve been there with our clients. Through thick and thin, we can support you to stay as healthy as possible. We can also offer many real-world non-medical suggestions that make the difference between a lousy day, or one where you actually get to do things you like to do.
  • Save you money.
    We can help you find local services that are best suited to your needs and your pocketbook. You could be eligible for programs you are not aware of. Or there may be duplication in your current coverage that can be trimmed out to lower your expenses.
  • Make sure your wishes are followed.
    Whether it’s medical decisions, or financial decisions, if something happens to you and you need a professional third party to act on your behalf, we put someone in place who will faithfully implement your plans. If your decision-makers are family members, we can serve as a guide for them, adding our wisdom and experience with elder care to their intimate knowledge of you and what you would want.

You don’t need to do this alone.
If you would like more information on ways we can help you through the aging process, give us a call at 315-447-3164.

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Learn all you can to make this journey of aging your own. This e-library website is designed to help you discover more about yourself at this age and feel empowered as you grow older:

  • Insights on Aging
    Straight talk about changes in the later part of our human life cycle. Learn about its challenges, its unexpected rewards, and ways you can thrive and find meaning in the process.
  • Important Documents
    Legal, financial and health care planning that assists you to communicate your wishes. Let our LifePlan By Inspire Care service help you to organize all your important documents.


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For families with aging relatives

Are you concerned about safety?
Perhaps Mom recently fell and broke a hip. Maybe Dad is having trouble sticking to his doctor’s recommendations. Does your loved one seem to be isolated? Losing weight? Having difficulty with remembering important activities or events?

Your parents want to stay at home.
Most older adults prefer the home setting they have lived in for years. You, however, may be worried that their living situation is not as safe as it needs to be. And your family member may require more assistance than you can realistically provide.

We’re here to help.

Working as a team
We at Inspire Care of Central New York can assist your family. We can provide you and your loved one with the support needed to stay at home, and suggest alternatives, as needed, to make sure your parent is safe and comfortable.

How we contribute
The benefits of working with an Aging Life Care™ Manager include

  • Peace of mind for everyone involved.
    As a family member, you want to be sure your loved one has a credible plan in place. Our collaborative approach makes life easier for you. You can spend more time being a son or daughter and less worrying if your parent is safe.
  • An objective assessment.
    As licensed Aging Life Care Managers, we give you expert advice outlining the current situation and making recommendations for needed support services now, and in the foreseeable future.
  • Preventing and managing crises.
    Of course, we prefer to be brought in before there’s a crisis. But if one occurs—a fall, a hospitalization, a stroke, a wandering incident—we can jump in and handle the medical issues. We can also support you, and your relative if changes in living situation are required.
  • Serving as an advocate in the health care system.
    It’s a complicated labyrinth. Without a knowledgeable advocate, the patient’s voice is frequently drowned out. Let us help your loved one determine his or her goals of care, and then work with the medical system to make sure treatment decisions are made that support those goals.
  • Preserving your relative’s independence.
    One of the primary challenges of those needing care is retaining as much control as is appropriate, and then learning to let go. Everyone deserves the “dignity of risk,” thus we support autonomy and self-determination for as long as it’s realistically possible.
  • Recommending appropriate resources.
    Based on your family’s preferences and financial situation, we can make recommendations for support services that are the best fit. We all want your loved one to be satisfied with the decisions made. Put our experience to work for you so the odds favor a successful transition.
  • Helping to ease family conflict.
    The elder care years, especially, generate many difficult dynamics. We are intimately familiar with the ways that family systems can flare when the parents start to need help. Part of our training and expertise involves knowing how to quell those fires and turn everyone’s attention to the best interests of the elder. We are the experts in respecting the needs of all family members and helping them to overcome their differences and find common ground.

Let us make your life easier.
If you think we could be of assistance, do not hesitate to give us a call at 315-447-3164. We’d be delighted to work with you to improve quality of life for everyone involved. The caregiving journey does not need to be so hard.

And bookmark this page!
With this website, we offer you guidance for the elder care journey:

  • Insights on Aging
    Straight talk about changes in this later part of the life cycle. Learn about its challenges, its unexpected rewards, and ways your family member can thrive and find meaning in the process.
  • Staying Independent
    Articles to help you help your relative avoid or delay common setbacks.
  • Memory Loss (Dementia)
    One of the more common, and more difficult situations in the aging family, we provide you with insights and suggestions for managing the challenges of brain diseases.
  • Important Documents
    Legal, financial and health care planning that assists your loved one communicate his or her wishes. Let our LifePlan By Inspire Care service help you to organize all your important documents.
  • Tips and Tools for Families
    Insights to reduce the strain on you as you juggle your many responsibilities.

We understand older adults, and we know how much you care. If you would like more information on ways we can help you ease the stresses of an aging family, please do not hesitate to call us at 315-447-3164.

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