Aging Life CareTM Management

Patient Review Instrument (PRI)

Physical Therapy


Aging Life CareTM Management is a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for older adults or others facing ongoing health challenges. Working with families, the expertise of Aging Life CareTM Professionals provides guidance and actions that ensure quality care and an optimal life for those they love, thus reducing worry, stress and time off of work for family caregivers.


Our Aging Life CareTM Management Services Include:


• Providing crisis intervention and management

• Assessing the client’s physical, psychological, social and emotional needs

• Arranging, screening and monitoring services in the home, for example home health aides and companions

• Coordinating any transitions and residential moves

• Reviewing financial, medical and legal issues and making appropriate referrals to qualified and vetted professionals

• Assisting in securing entitled/qualified benefits: VA, Medicaid and Medicare

• Advocating for the client’s preferences and values throughout the aging process

• Overseeing the quality of care provided either in the home or in a facility


The Patient Review Instrument (PRI) is an assessment tool developed by the New York State Department of Health to assess selected physical, medical and cognitive characteristics of all nursing home residents, as well as to document selected services they may receive.


Inspire Care of CNY has Certified Registered Nurses who can perform the assessment needed to complete the PRI and Screen (the component used to determine if the individual qualifies for Long-Term Care placement and that community-based services or lower level of placement is not appropriate). The PRI and Screen are valid for 90 days as long as the client’s health status has not changed due to hospitalization. Plan on approximately 90 minutes to complete the PRI (in the connivence of your own home or facility) and for our certified professionals to provide education to the client and their family about the results from the assessment. You will always know the next steps to be taken.




Our PRI Services Include:


• Contacting the client’s physician to secure necessary health information

• Timely arrangement ( within two business days) of the PRI screening date and location

• Providing results to the preferred Long Term Care facilities (within five business days)

• Secure storage of results during the 90 day period


We take away the worry and indecision of what level of care your loved one needs!




Through individualized treatment plans, in the comfort and safety of a client’s own home environment, we tailor each program to our client’s specific goals.


All programs are specific to your diagnosis and Inspire Care assists each client in regaining or maintaining strength, balance, coordination and movement.


Our Physical Therapy Services Include:


• Personal and consistent Physical Therapy in the privacy of the client’s normal living environment

• Education and instruction for caregivers in safe transfers, balance strategies, exercise techniques and safe walking

• Home Safety Assessments for adaptations and equipment to maintain independence and safety

• Coordination of all services and frequent communication with the family or responsible persons

• Innovative treatment plans centered on the client’s preferences and life skills

• Communication with referring physicians to promote collaborative treatment and appropriate monitoring




If someone you love is unable to lead the independent life that he or she once enjoyed, and you need assistance in locating the appropriate services and support, Inspire Care can provide the help you need. Please call or email to begin the opportunity of relieving the unnecessary stress and indecision.

Your loved one deserves the very best care.

Inspire Care.